Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aku Ni Artis Ke Weyh...?

hhhaahah.. ada la aku aritu keluar ngan sape ek.. jap2.. aku lupa... hurmmm.. ngan.. pehh aku ebebtol lupa ni.. sape ek.. arg bior la.. memang aku tak ingat.. tp seingat aku.. aku g jenjalan kot ari tu kat mid.. pastu singgah speedy video ... tgok2 ape video ke ape vcd terbaru yang best.. hhuhuh.. tetibe aku nampak yang ini.. kawan aku pun pegang ar yang ini....pastu dia cakap.. eh ni mcm muka ko la fairuz...............

pastu aku ckp mane ade.. mengarot je.. kalau ada yang cmm muke aku pun, tu ha.. kat bahagian artis antarabangsa tu ha.. bukan kat bahagian ni.. lg la album mcm ni.. ishh ko ni cube ko tgok tol2.. ade ke muke aku sama dengan penyanyi group yang digelar QFACE ni.. ishhh... (hah dah ingat.. aku keluar dengan makhluk nama Izat Rahmat)..... hah cuba korang bandingkan ni.. kalau nampak la.. takde same kan.. mane ade kan... kan3.?

well.. aku dah ckp tak sama.. ishh ade dia cakap aku ni penyanyi.. aku ni just manusia biasa je yang suke makan dan suke g main bowling.. bukan artis pun.. lgpun aku ckp ngan dia. aku tak layan sgt muzik2 ni.... aku ckp gak aku tak layan sgt band2 local ni... jd pastu aku pun berlalu meninggalkan dia dengan 20ribu persoalan...

(matilah aku dicerca kalian.. ahahahahah)


I'm not sure how true this is but this was shared in facebook by Akina Teo. He was trying to help a girl who was trapped inside her car from burning to death but the BHP people refused to lend him the fire extinguishers. Anyone from Cheras heard about this also?

why? let me tell you!!

this morning approx 3.20am, at Cheras Tmn Pertama roundabout,

saw a freak accident, involving a Vios, Myvi and a Lorry.

im one the first badge who arrive, mean it just happen maybe seconds ago.

Vios believe to be turtle and badly damaged. When im passing by the vios, rear passenger started to pull out the front driver and front passenger.

then when i pass the Myvi, the car was totally sardine. Heard one girl was yelling cos piined inside. I stop my car then run towards the myvi to offer a hand while calling 999 emergency line to request for ambulance and bomba.

then saw fire spark at the engine bay of myvi. while still on the phone with emergency line to provide more details, i run back to my car and drive to BHP station which is just less than 500m away from the scene.

then i request for the fire extingusher from the attendant which is kept inside. There was 4 extingusher on the ground. But the attendant refuse to pass to me.

the BHP attendant claimed dat the door cant be open.

then i shout at him, i need it! i want it! someone is pinned inside the car and its started to burn!

then the BHP attendant keep repeating he kenot borrow and open the door.

then i was like WTF! if ur kiosk is burning can u come out? then he replied yes.

then he still say he kenot open the door. Then he say his boss wont allowed to borrow. WTF!!!

then i started to amuk kicking the kiosk and punching the glass of the kiosk.

i even throw my IC to him say that if im dun return u report police.

i saw i borrow.. if i use it i will pay for it. then he keep on just smile at me.

then he ask another partner to come out. Then i start shouting and yelling at them with bad words saying dat if the girl dies you two are the murderer.

then the 2nd BHP attendant shout back at me.

i demand for their names, i told them i would complain bout them,

then the 2nd attendant copy down my number plate and said that all my acts been recorded on CCTV and he gonna report to police tumoro. I challenged him.

then i drove off back to the scene.. the car was totally burning and the poor girl was burn alive inside.

then i spoke to the Bomba and PDRM how many casualties was inside. they told me one girl.

Then i spoke to PDRM about the incident happen in BHP.. then the policemen also scold with anger WTF with them.. if i could get the fire extingushier.. the girl might be saved.

then the Policemen ask me to go police station to report a cover about the BHP, and he assured me that the stupid BHP wont get to report on me.

Personally i would like to ask, how much does 4 fire extingusher cost? isit more expensive than a life?

would like to ask the BHP petrol station's boss! u cant afford to lose 4 fire extingusher then u better closed down your station!!!! Fuck you boss!!!!

and this is to BHP MALAYSIA!! seens your procedure to keep all safety gadget inside the kiosk... if anything happen during refueling... is your attendant gonna open the door to help? seens he claimed that the door cant be open after hours??


i personally from now on will boycott BHP... i dont know how about you all!!!

gonna give BHP HQ a call tumoro... see what the fuck will they say about this kind of safety measurement they have!!!!!

for the two BHP attendant!!! you are the murderer!!!!!

Additional Info by Akina Teo
  • - the 2 attendants were local people
  • - the 2 attendants threaten to lodge police report against Akina for shouting and screaming at them for not helping. the 2 attendants also said they will pass the video to the police.
  • - Akina has contacted BHP HQ, The Star, China Press, NSTP, Berita Harian and Fly Fm. Interview with Fly FM already done.

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