Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paul The Octopus Was Hacked.!!!

Paul the ‘Pus is so incredibly good at what he does – eating delicious bivalves and correctly predicting Germany’s outcomes by which flag he chooses (he’s five for five) – he’s struck fear into the hearts and minds of German opposition. Of course, should the opposite occur it would send Germany into tumult, destroying the confidence of Jogi’s lads in the process and spearheading the Spanish to victory.

So the Spanish, presumably, doctored up the old Serbia photo, in which Paul correctly picked a German loss. And it fooled everybody. Everybody. Little bit of a ‘74 reverse, no?

The real thing happens tomorrow – so rest peacefully until then, Germany. Go GERMANY....


Paul 'Psychic' Octopus puts Spain to final?

GILER ke!! the truth is... germany will be in the final ok.!! that's it.!! huh.. ok.. i dont give a shit on this so called "bomoh sotong" before... tp for this semi.. while im so excited to wear germany jersey.. and he put spain to final...?.. what the hell is that?... that is too much ok.!!!!! hahahaah... ok3... calm down FAIRUZ... fuuhhh fuuuuhhhh....


hahahah.. Owh My Gucci.. cannot wait for tonight show... seriously, i really hope germany can make it... "sighhhh".. so lets say... GERMANY...!!! korang jgn ngade2 nak support spain k... germany ngn belanda kat final.. muktamad.!!!!

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